Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, triticale, barley. In the case of wheat, gliadin has been isolated as the toxic fraction. It is the gluten in the flour that helps bread and other baked goods bind and prevents crumbling. This feature has made gluten widely used in the production of many processed and packaged foods.


Celiacs must be alert to hidden sources of gluten such as HVP/HPP (hydrolyzed vegetable/plant protein); malt; spelt; kamut; and certain drug products.

Today's processed and packaged foods have many hidden sources of gluten which can be unintentionally ingested. Particular care should be taken in the selection of soups, luncheon meats and sausages.

According to McGill University one in 133 Canadians may have celiac disease. It blocks the small intestine from absorbing nutrients from food.

Many celiacs suffer skin rashes, anemia, depression, and malnourishment. Left untreated it can lead to arthritis, osteoporosis, seizures, and cancer.

Those with celiac disease have no choice - they must adopt a gluten free diet.

That means celiacs and gluten-sensitives can't eat any of the "fun" stuff. They're limited to proteins and vegetables.

Until recently, gluten-free ruled out everything made from wheat - bread... bagels... pasta... pizza... muffins... cookies... Danish... doughnuts... strudel... cake... brownies... and pie.

All of those and more are made from wheat. And wheat contains gluten - which celiacs can't have.

And as our planet becomes unhealthier, even more people are affected by gluten. So demand for good tasting gluten-free food is growing.

That led a few enterprising bakers to try inventing wheat-free recipes.

Imagine starting from scratch with basically unknown ingredients... testing recipe after recipe... starting over... trying new measurements, mixtures, and grains...

It could take years.

And all that time, poor celiacs and gluten-sensitives - through no fault of their own - are stuck eating protein, fruit, and vegetables. No birthday cake for them. No doughnut or bagel on the way to work. No pie.

Thankfully... De Healthy Baker's already done the work for you.

Meet Estelle and Don - De Healthy Baker

Estelle knows all about high-priced commercially available gluten free bake goods... the crumbly pizza dough.... the flat lifeless muffins... the powdery cake. She's tried them all... especially those that taste like a mixture of cardboard and styrofoam... and have about as much nutrition.

So she dedicated herself to food allergy sufferers and those who prefer healthy eating.

She takes special care when selecting ingredients, because gluten comes in many forms.

Each recipe represents months of painstaking trial and error.

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